Underbridge is a single sequence shot that consists in a complete and precise choreography of the all dancers, camera and light operators.

The action is a continuous night flight from an unknown beginning, in which the characters, facing the same situation, bump against a vertical architecture made of concrete. On a social perspective related to mass urbanization, we could say that the action is an escape from freedom into the walls.


Video Dance : second price (Brazil, 2017)


2018: AVDP (Greece)/ Coorpi (It.)/ VideoDance (Brazil)/ CampingAsiaCND (Fr.)/ InOut (Poland)/ TheOpenWindow (Fr.)

2017: MoveCinearte (Brazil)/ Magmart (Italy)/ DanceBarn (US)/ LightMoves (Ireland)/ VideoMov (Colombia)/ CuerpoDigital (Bolivia)/ AsiaSouthEast (Vietnam)/ Breaking8 (It.)/ Szoloduo (Hungary)/ MIVSC (Brazil)


Taipei Perfroming Arts Center