Performers : Claudie Gatineau, Fu Le

Camera : Hervé Duponcel

Music : Harun Bayraktar


15 August 2015 : Outdoor Climbing spot (Rennes)

4 July 2016 : Sibu International Dance Festival (Malaisie)


Raining Ropes est une performance de danse verticale en milieu naturel, une rencontre entre l'Homme et la nature.

Director : Florent Schwartz
Performers : Claudie Gatneau / Florent Schwartz
Camera : Hervé Duponcel
Music : Harun Bayraktar
Raining Ropes is an aerial performance that retraces the pathway of a thirsty man in an arid desert. But, as well as a thirsty one drowns in a well, the man, when he is about to reach the object of his desire, in an ultimate reversal get knotted in his own desi